Monday, February 9, 2015

New Orleans

We made it to Louisiana and the Big Easy. We are staying in an RV Reaort within walking distance of the French Quarter. What a crazy place. Oh, but the FOOD! I'm a fan. The weather has been kind to us. We chose a good winter to leave Maine for a couple of months. 


  1. Did you stay at the French Quarter RV Resort? How was it?

    1. Yes we did. And, of course, we knew it would be 'city camping' but wanted the convenience of walking to the French Quarter, Bourbon Street, etc. It is enclosed by a brick wall and the Interstate is visible and audible. However, it felt safe and was very clean.It is more expensive because of its location, but that is offset by no transportation or parking fees. Plus, you can return to your camper for a rest in the middle of the day, if you wish. I would definitely recommend it.