Monday, January 12, 2015

2015 travels south

Leaving in our 2001 Roadtrek 190 Popular
It's time to resurrect the travel blog, so here goes. It's been awhile, so this will be a work in progress.

The Maine winter is a good thing to leave behind for awhile if you can. Now that we live in a condo, we feel more comfortable locking the door and heading south. So, we've made it to Richmond, VA today (Jan 11), where current temp is 44 degrees. We'll take it. I think the temp was  in the single digits when we left on January 10.
Thanks to Stan, Toot and Ella for giving us a sendoff from NH. 

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  1. Safe Travels! Don't forget to swing by the DAR in Washington, D.C. to see Eye On Elegance.